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Jodelle Zetlaoui-Léger

Doctor of Urbanism and Spatial Planning, Professor at the Paris La Villette School of Architecture, Accredited research director

- Doctor of Urbanism and Spatial Planning
- Accredited research director.
- Professor at the Paris-La Villette School of Architecture

Her works revolve around four strongly interdependent thematic focuses :
-  Architectural and urban programming: theoretical approaches (from French and Anglo-Saxon perspectives), practices, representation and professionalization.
-  Participatory approaches in urban projects (for city, neighborhood, and facility levels): theories, methods, case studies. Research and experimentation/action research.
-  Evaluation of urban projects and public facilities projects: theory, methods, case studies, lessons from experimentation.
-  Evolution of professions, professional activities and practices, knowledge and know-how in urban planning and architecture.

Professor at the Paris La Villette School of Architecture
Member of the Laboratoire Espaces Travail (LET), UMR CNRS 7218 Lavue.
Senior lecturer at the University of Paris Est Créteil Val de Marne, Paris Institute of Urbanism, 1999-2010.
Accreditation to direct research (HDR), 2007.
Doctorate in Urbanism and Spatial Planning, 1997.

Institutional responsibilities
Member of the Administration Board of the Paris-La Villette School of Architecture
Member of the Laboratory Council of the UMR CNRS Lavue
Member of the National Universities Council (CNU), section 24 Urbanism and Development (2003-2010) and Bureau (2007-2010).
Member of the scientific comity of the Club ÉcoQuartier (French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy), expert of the ÉcoQuartier label, since 2009.
Expert for the Fund for Scientific Research of the French Community of Belgium since 2009.

AD4 Bureau (Aménagement Opérationnel Durable) of the Ministry of Housing and territorial equality.
MIQCP (Mission Interministérielle pour la Qualité des Constructions Publiques).
EPPPUR (Association pour des recherches sur l’Évaluation des Pratiques, des Projets, des Paysages urbains et leurs Représentations).

Currently directing 6 doctoral theses

Zetlaoui-Léger, Jodelle


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