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CHAPEL, Enrico

Graduate architect of the Genoa Faculty of Architecture, doctor of urban planning, maître assistant at the Toulouse School of Architecture

- Architect, DEA "Le projet architectural et urbain", Schools of Architecture of Paris-Belleville, Paris Villemin, Paris-la Villette and Versailles, EHESS and University of Paris VIII, 1992.
- Researcher at the LET, Paris-la Villette School of Architecture, since 1994.
- PhD "Urbanisme et Aménagement", University of Paris VIII, 2000.
-  Maître assistant at the Toulouse School of Architecture.

After studies in the area of architectural and urban project, he has been realising since 1994 two researches on urban planning history. The first one questions the way how two land planning approaches are related to strategies of production organisation between the two World wars. The aim of the second one is to hightlight the role played by statistics and cartographic techniques in the building up of the urban field, at the beginning of the 20th century.

He gives courses of architectural and urban project for 2nd and 3rd cycle student à the Paris-La Villette School of Architecture.

- In 2000, he attended his PhD thesis at the University of Paris 8 : "Cartes et figures de l’urbanisme scientifique en France (1910-1943)", may 2000.
- In 1998, he worked on the catalog of the exhibition "Le Corbusier - Rio de Janeiro 1929-1936 (under the direction of Yannis Tsiomis), Secretaria Municipal de Urbanismo/Centro de Arquitetura e Urbanismo de Rio de Janeiro, 1998.
- In 1996, he worked on two collective publications : Encyclopedia and Utopia. The Life and Work of Otto Neurath (1882-1945), Vienna Circle Institute, Yearbook 4, Dordrecht-Boston-London, 1996; and: Interventi nella città consolidata : casi francesi e italiani a confronto, Gangemi, Rome, 1996.

CHAPEL, Enrico


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