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FENKER, Michael

Graduate Architect, PhD in management sciences, research engineer at the French Ministry of Culture and Communication

- Graduate architect of the University of Kassel, Germany, 1982.
- PhD in management sciences , CRG, Polytechnic School, Paris, 2003.
- Research engineer at the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.

He has been working as an architect for about ten years, mainly realising office buildings and office interiors. Between 1995 and 2001, he was the European responsible for research in workplace design in an international group in the office furniture industry.

Through studies and researches conducted since 1987 within the LET, first as associate researcher and, since 2001, as titular researcher, he has been questioning practices of the design, the production, and the use of workplaces in France and abroad. More particularly, he analyses the place of corporate architecture in the strategies of organisations, the characteristics of archetypes in office design, and the correlation between factors (such as the evolution of management strategies, of territories, of information and communication technologies, of work life balance) which contribute to the evolution of workplaces within and without a company.

His researches aim at the evaluation of the contribution of means of space production and management to organisational performance. He is studying the problematic of facilities management and the strategies of management of real estate assets, the systems of evaluation and monitoring used by the actors, the management of organisational change, and the role given to space in theories of action.

He is consultant / expert on workplacedesign and management in companies.

He gives courses for two postgraduate programmes “Conseil en organisation et conduite des innovations technologiques et sociales” (“Consulting in organisation and management of technological and social innovations”) at University of Paris 8 and “Consultance en intelligence des organisations” (“Consulting in organisation intelligence”) at University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard.
He has been responsible in France for the Facilities Innovation in the Workplace seminars réseau de recherche financed by the Economic & Social Research Council – ESRC, under the direction of M. C. Puybarault, University of the West of England, and has organised a seminar in 2004 in Paris.

FENKER, Michael


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