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Architectural collectives

Experimenting with co-produced architecture
15 January 2015,

In "Les Mondes de l’architecture", Lieux Communs - Cahiers du LAUA, n°17, Ensan, janvier 2015.

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Architects are currently trying to introduce work methods that allow them to work “with the inhabitants” and there are an increasing number who have organised themselves into “collectives”.

Working from the basis of a political approach to uses and projects that incorporate various populations, they develop practices that question their professional culture and modify their field of competence. The collective nature of the actions they undertake embraces a renewed understanding of art that is singularly in touch with the social world while, at the same time, develops alliances with cultural and urban players. This leads to experiments with forms of coproduction. For example, project methodology is re-examined by placing the same emphasis on “speech” or “narration”, as that placed on manufacturing and manual work. This article seeks to describe these collectives, what they produce and how.

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