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Le modèle territorial rennais à l’épreuve de ses images

24 October 2008,

In Lieux Communs - Cahiers du LAUA, n°11,"Cultures visuelles de l’urbain contemporain", Ensan, octobre 2008, pp. 95-110.

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The Rennes territorial model tested by its images. This article compares the verbal and iconic images of the Rennes territorial model over an interval of ten years. Concentrating on the issue of landscape, it reveals a shift between the moment that the district master plan was drawn up (1994) and its results as assessed within the framework of the SCOT territorial cohesion plan (2004). The expressions and visualisations lead from a town functioning within a (green) belt to one taking the form of an “archipelago”. This development is simultaneously interpreted as a change in the basic guiding concept and an understanding of the reality resulting from urban spread. An observation of the process leading to the construction of this new model (based on action and description), achieved through meetings held between locally elected members, technicians and landscape designers, reveals a concerted approach insofar as the choice of suitable expressions is concerned. It also demonstrates the difficulty in constructing visualisations that are acceptable to all concerned parties.

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