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Laure Heland

PhD in Urban Planning, Maître-Assistant (Assistant Professor) in Urban Planning and Environment

PhD in Urban Planning, Maître-Assistant (Assistant Professor) in Urban Planning and Environment

Laure Heland is an assistant professor in Urban Planning, Geography and Environment at the National School of Architecture Paris La Villette, where she leads the MSc Module intitled “Architecture, Environment and Sustainable Development”. She obtained her MSc in Environment, Urban Policies and Planning from IUP (Institut d’Urbanisme de Paris) in 1994. After consultancy activities and studies in environmental urban planning with local communities, she successfully presented a Doctorate in Urban Planning at Ecole Polytechnique de l’Université de Tours in 2008.

She is now committed to teaching and research activities focusing on:

- The implementation of Public Policies for sustainability and their effects on architectural and Urban Projects,
- The design Process as a special “moment” for the emergence and experimentation of sustainable development strategies
- Analysis of participatory dynamics (processes) in architectural and urban projects.

She is teaching for undergraduate students a course in geography (the impact/importance of climatology, ecology, local physical and social context… on the design process).

She gives several courses for postgraduate students:
- Seminars on conceptual issues of sustainable development in relation with architecture (historical, political, normative aspects), on Post-Carbon Cities scenarii and adaptation strategies regarding climate change, on the emergence of sustainable neighborhoods in Europe and France (analysing actors involvement and citizen participation, ecological design processes, and their consequences on the built environment: buildings, spaces between buildings…)
- Research Seminar: an introduction to research methodologies in Architecture, related to the Master Thesis in Architecture.

Current research projects:

- Since 2009: Research Program “Concertation, Decision, Environnement” from the French Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. The research focus on « La concertation citoyenne dans les projets d’éco-quartiers en France : évaluation constructive et mise en perspective européenne ». Coordination : Jodelle Zetlaoui-Léger, CRETEIL, Institut d’Urbanisme de Paris et LET-LAVUE.

- 2009 – 2012 : Research Program GICC (Gestion et Impacts du Changement Climatique) from the French Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. The project ADAP’TERR (Adaptation to Climate Change: what integrated approaches for territories ?) is coordinated by François Bertrand; UMR-CNRS CITERES, Université de Tours.

Membership of research councils, advisory boards

- Since 2011 : Member of the Scientific Council of RAMAU network (Réseau Activités et Métiers de l’Architecture et de l’Urbanisme). Centre de ressources : http://www.ramau.archi.fr/

- Since 2010 : Member of the Scientific Council Club National EcoQuartiers, created by the « bureau de l’Aménagement Opérationnel Durable », AD4, Ministry of Environment in 2010.

- Since 2009 : Associate Research Fellow at CITERES UMR CNRS 6173, Team Construction sociale et politique des territoires, Axe Politiques publiques et territoires, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, 33 allée Ferdinand de Lesseps BP 60449, 37204 TOURS Cedex 03.

Heland, Laure


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