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Olivier Chadoin

Doctor of sociology, maître-assistant at the Bordeaux School of Architecture and Landscape

- DEA (postgraduate degree) in sociology, Victor Segalen University , Bordeaux 2, "Trajectoires de jeunes diplômés en architecture et recomposition d’un champ professionnel"
- Doctor of sociology (Limoges, 2006), qualified in the CNU section 19.
- Maitre-assistant (Assistant Professor) and researcher at the Paris-La Villette School of Architecture

His research activities focus on the architectural profession, the city and the trades that are making it, the relationships between disciplines (sociology and architecture) and the links between city and culture. He’s a member of the RAMAU network and of the RT 27 network ("Sociologie des intellectuels et de l’expertise : savoirs et pouvoirs") of the AFS (French Sociological Association).

Chadoin, Olivier


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