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Teaching activities

  • Doctorate

    The LET belongs to the “Abbé Grégoire” Doctorate School - CNAM. Site Renseignement Ensa La Villette : Nicole Ajarraï Tel : 01 44 65 23 45 Mail : najarrai@paris-lavillette.archi.fr

  • International Post-Master’s Degree

    The territorial, urban and architectural changes and transformations to be seen in many places in the world at the present time represent a challenge that goes far beyond the spatial aspects involved. Hence, simply observing these transformations will not suffice: they must be understood in order to enable action. This is the direction in which mobilisation of researchers is not only useful, but necessary. Research and training undertaken on the basis of the questions concerning these (...)

  • Master in architecture

    The LET’s teachers-researchers are taking part to the master trainings in their respective schools. At the Paris-La Villette ENSA, mainly in the Architecture, Society, Metropolisation pole, which organises a research course (Emmanuel Amougou, Michael Fenker, Bendicht Weber), and the Habitat and Sustainable City Seminar, For a critical approach to the urban fabric (Anne D’Orazio et Elise Macaire). The Architecture-Society-Metropolisation Master 1 and 2 seminar: course and research approach (...)

  • Master in ergonomy and architecture

    Professional Master 2nd year, delivered by both the Pantheon-Sorbonne-Paris I University and the Paris-La Villette National High School of Architecture. Information Formation Continue Panthéon Sorbonne fcpsergo@univ-paris1.fr 21 rue Broca, 75005 Paris fcps@univ-paris1.fr +33 (0)1 53 55 27 70 Pedagogic director : Nadia HEDDAD